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How to Save Big Money on Your Move 2022.

Moving to a new house can be a very exciting, many moving companies are here to help your experience stress – free and at the same time moving to a new house could be annoying and expensive consider how much money it cost to move in Massachusetts, in Boston area, downtown Boston, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Roslindale, Canton, Randolph ect.. and in Rhode Island, Providence, East Providence, North Providence, Cranston ect… This article is to help you to save big money on your next move if you follow these steps.

The secret of keeping your move cost low to plan ahead. Most people that save hundreds of dollars when they moving are people that plan ahead 8 to 4 weeks ahead.

Following are 5 best strategies that can help you save big money on your move:

  • Move during the off – season.
  • Get at least 3 quotes from local moving companies.
  • Donate or sale in advance stuff you don’t want.
  • Rent a moving truck ( You can ask family member for help or company like EasygoMover offer moving labor by the hour)
  • You can find free boxes, packing supplies in the neighborhood shop or on Facebook market place or Craigslist 
  • Start packing, put in box stuff you’re not using until you move, clothes, shoes, toys for kids…

Moving During Off-Season.

When you consider moving off – season you are taking advantage of saving over $150 just by choosing the right time of the season. Off – season season, moving companies near Massachusetts and Rhode Island are less busy, more moderate, they have more times to help and sometimes not charging for some little extra work for example packing a few boxes from 3 to 5. A lot’s of people experience their move reschedule or moving company not show up when they move during the summer from March to September.

If you are a victim of a mover you scheduled been not show up please share your experience under the page.

Those who consider moving off – season between October and April. A busy season for moving companies near Massachusetts and Rhode Island start between April to September. Summer time and early fall moving companies put their prices high because they have a lot’s demand.

Moving in Boston Between October and September.

The further in advance you are to book your mover or truck is better and the smoother your experience will be. Boston is the main city in Massachusetts. Boston is very busy with new students and old students that coming to school. September is a peak season where all the reputable moving companies in Boston are completely booked weeks before. Some area in Boston require to get parking permit.

Get a Flat Rate from EasygoMover Moving company.

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Moving Guide During Covid-19 – Massachusetts – Rhode Island Residence.


Moving out in the time of Coronavirus.

Since the first cases was reported in North America in January 2020, COVID – 19 has changed our entire world in a matter of a few weeks, new ways to do everything one question many people asked ” Is the pandemic will change our lives forever or if not for how long?

As a moving company, our goal is to bring the best moving service and to protect our customers. This blog of EasygoMover moving company Attleboro MA meant to be a guide to keep you and your family safe. We understand how stressful it is to move during this pandemic and work everyday to make your experience smooth and easy.

At EasygoMover Attleboro we understand your home is your sanctuary and your belongings are treasured memories; you should feel safe and at ease in every step; from the phone call you make to book the service till the last peace of furniture “safety” is our priority.

For many of you who are looking for professional moving company near Boston area, professional moving company Providence RI or any other area Massachusetts or Rhode Island, you want to make sure your belongings will be protect and also your family is safe from Covid – 19, The CDC protect yourself and family. We have some recommendations:


As we continue to recover from the outbreak if you are planning to move and use service of a moving company in Massachusetts or Rhode Island you may want to consider some additional actions to help support a safe move for  our community, our professional movers and to protect yourself.


1- Choose your moving company and don’t be shy to ask questions. 

Because you ask question doesn’t mean the price will go up loll (It was a joke)

  • Make sure you ask the professional moving company: What precautions are your movers taking to prevent the spread of coronavirus?
  • What precautions do you recommend me during the move?
  • Is any of your movers feel any symptoms related Covid – 19


2- Consider a virtual moving quote.

Most moving companies are capable of giving you a free virtual estimated price when you tell them what you have, stairs, what level of your apartment, if your stuff is in a storage you can provide the list of the items to moved. It’s easy for moving company like EasygoMover Attleboro MA to give to its customers a virtual quote because they charge a flat rate ” peace of mind”  Not only this is giving a peace of mind to the EasygoMover customers that also help saving hundreds of dollars.

Depend on our the movers recommend to take the info by SMS, email or video call you may consider:

  • To know the list of the items to be moved
  • To tell the weight for the heavy furniture.
  • Make sure your phone or tablet is fully charged
  • Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi
  • Turn on the light in all rooms
  • Know how many flight of stairs.

Have a tape measure available some movers asking for measurements.


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