Quick Tips and Tricks that save you money when you’re moving

Learn to packed my household goods, kitchen utensils and furniture

Based on my personal experience, and as founder of EasygoMover located in Attleboro MA, I have created a comprehensive list of tips for packing household goods for our valued customers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and all that is going to take advantage for any size of move, local or long distance.

If you’ve moved before then you’ve probably asked yourself, “How should I pack my household items?” It may seem trivial, but it’s a major component of any relocation if you’re not going to hire a professional mover to help you

A list of household goods packing tips could be a long checklist of criteria one might have to go over when considering moving personal goods.Read More

How To Lower your Moving Cost!

On top of offering  all these affordable services to you. We at EasygoMover don’t mind giving you some helpful advice on how to lower the cost.

Any move that covers a distance of 50 or fewer miles is categorized as “local moving,” or an interstate. A full-service move can include boxing or packing up household goods, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking. Simple moving services might just include helping people unload a moving of household items into a storage unit.

Pricing a local move into a new home or apartment is not always simple. Various additional costs and extra charges could increase the total bill if homeowners do not give clear details when asking for a price quote. If movers have stairs to climb, extra stops to make, or specialty items and fragile things to move, costs will increase. If we can’t park the truck close to the destination, prices may also go up to account for the extra distance carrying boxes and furniture.Read More

Quick Tips and Tricks for Unpacking after Your Move

Finally my family and I decided to move into a new place. How exciting we are! Oops one of my kids came up with: unpacking after a move. But the good news is EasygoMover really care for its customers. It is a few tips to make that part go smoother, if you are on a budget and cannot afford to hire a company.

On top of offering commercial and residential moving services, we at EasygoMover don’t mind giving you some helpful advice on how to get through unpacking without losing your mind.

Avoid Buying New Stuff before Unpacking

Of course, you want your new place to look and feel like a new place. However, buying new stuff before you unpack makes it tough to know where everything goes. It’s hard enough trying to fit your old stuff into a new space, but fitting new stuff into new space takes a bit more time and can lead to more frustration when your old staff is still sitting in boxes.Read More